How to : Visual Merchandise an Optical Store

How to : Visual Merchandise an Optical Store

The art of increasing footfall through visual engagement has evolved further than a simple ‘Sale’ sign suspended in the shop window. In this digital age, consumers have become immune to the traditional visual merchandising techniques that have previously kept the retail store’s aesthetic alive and well.

Capturing the attention away from mobile devices is another challenge for optical retailers, the displays need to be bigger, bolder and far more original.

Merchandising should be enjoyable and interactive. Think of your store as a venue which creates a uniquely memorable experience.

Engage the senses

Enticing the senses is a tried and tested approach when attracting the attention as well as creating a memorable encounter for the consumers.

How to : Visual Merchandise an Optical Store


The continued trend for Visual Merchandising is clean lines with subtle yet informative point of sale. The product should be well lit but never glary for the eyes.

Create displays that are 3 dimensional, contemporary and engaging from all angles.

Blocking is also another great tool for creating effective displays, group items by brand, colour and gender allowing the customer to easily navigate through the store.

Digital Displays are also an amazing tool for reaching potential patients. This format also provides a display which can be quickly changed and refreshed.


Many of us use touch to determine how much we like and connect with a product. Feeling the weight and texture of a frame helps us identify the quality of an item to justify the price. It is, therefore, a good idea to keep the eyewear with a unique texture or material within arms reach.


If you are wanting to create a memorable shopping experience for your patience, the fragrance is a great way to create ambience. Ensure your store has a pleasant aroma and one that isn’t polarising.


When it comes to music within an optical store, the key is to know your demographic. When we get the music selection right we are setting a scene which can ntly improve the mood, awareness and receptiveness of a customer. Listen to feedback and even ask your patients how they feel about the current music playlist.

The other key to getting this right is ensuring your store has the correct acoustic balance within the practice. No one wants to feel overwhelmed with noise when walking into an Optical Practice.


Signage is a form of communication which should be used to upsell through gentle recommendations including the different applications for the eyewear. Although we are moving towards a minimalist store appearance, signage is still integral to any retail operation. Signage should be selective, inspirational and informative.

Tell your customers what you want them to do with your product, “Try Me On” is simple and engaging. Think about the common questions you get asked by your consumer and tailor your signage to answer their enquiries.