John Nicola – Cyprus Ultra 50km 3rd Place Finisher

Finish Line

Well, I set out on my mission this morning to complete an ultramarathon in my parent’s mother country, Cyprus.

As with most ultra-runners we sign up for events knowing that there is a fair amount of preparation required to complete and finish, but we tend to forget the challenges we will experience during these events, which tests your psyche and willpower to continue.

Well, the terrain was up in the hills of Vasa Kellakiou, filled with lots of wildflowers from ample winter rain, with wonderful views across the valleys.

Cypres Ultra

50 km race, two full loops + one additional lower loop.

The heat clearly affected most runners, its impact should never be underestimated, I cramped badly having to stand motionless till my muscles released.

Cooked Finish Line

Climbing hills is not a great skill of mine, 1800m of elevation over 52kms was enough for me, but I did have an exciting moment when a viper crossed the path ahead of me.

Cousins Finish Line

The finish line eventually came in sight and seeing my wonderful cousins, and my nephew who was my support for the event made it all worthwhile.

Phivos Finish Line